Weekend Workshops May 7th

IMAG1868_1The sun came out, so yesterday I washed about 1lb of fleece for the ‘Spinning For Beginners’ Workshop, here at the Farming Museum this weekend!

In the morning, we have our first ‘Like Fair Isle… But Yorkshire!’ workshop, which is going to look at Yorkshire two colour knitting.

In the afternoon, Beginner spindlers will be at work.  There are still a couple of places left at either workshop (but email me to let me know if you’re coming!)


The spindlers will be trying their hand at spinning wool from our prize-winning flock of Badger-Faced sheep.  As you can see, the fleece I unrolled yesterday is nice quality.  These crimpier staples come from the neck – where you usually find some of the best wool on a sheep.

I have put in some of the first quality, and a little of the second (as well as some of the darker staples, for a bit of variety).  The second quality will be easier to learn with – but our spinners can take some of the first quality back home with them, to continue to practice!

We’ll be spinning with hand spindles. Come and join us if you’d like to learn how to spin on a spindle, or have tried before and can’t quite get the hang of it.




This is a breed I’ve never spun before, so am looking forward to it!